Our Mission

The mission of Cascade Public Schools is to prepare students for success in college, career, and civic life.

Our Vision

The vision of Cascade Public Schools is to reimagine public education, co-constructing an innovative network of mentorship-based, deeper learning schools with the communities we serve.

Core Values

    • Achievement
      • We believe every student is capable of college and career readiness.
      • We believe all students should expect and demand a challenging and individualized learning environment.
      • We believe that success is measured by the agency to set and achieve personal, academic, and post-high school goals.
    • Community
      • We believe that students should be known as individuals and feel a sense of belonging to the larger community.
      • We believe in a shared commitment with students to be emotionally and physically safe and engaged in relevant and rigorous learning.
      • We believe that strong family and community involvement with school is the strongest lever to influence student engagement and success.
    • Empowerment
      • We believe students should know that the adults and schools that serve them believe in their individual potential and vision.
      • We believe in a shared commitment with the community that our graduates have the skills and habits of mind to create opportunities and achieve success in the 21st Century.
      • We believe we must actively decolonize curriculum and pedagogy, fostering a sense of interconnectedness, global awareness, and social justice.
    • Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
      • Transparent and accountable anti-racist policies and processes.
      • Commitment to¬† listening and understanding before answering and explaining.
      • Students and communities see themselves reflected in the relevant issues and topics of the curriculum.
      • Focus on hiring of staff that reflect the cultural diversity of the community and active recruitment, support and nurturing of staff is the key to recruitment and retention.
      • All students have equitable access to a Free and Appropriate Public Education through a continuum of service options and instructional supports, with an inclusion model as the preferred setting wherever appropriate. No student will be denied admission nor counseled out of the school due to the nature or severity of their disability.