At Cascade Public Schools, we believe the best preparation for success in the ‘real world’ is to allow students opportunity to learn in the ‘real world’. Our academic program supports the development of our students’ critical thinking, collaboration, communication, learning how to learn, development of academic mindsets, and mastery of core academic content, identified by the Hewlett Foundation to be the essential skills required for students to achieve success in the 21st century.

The core elements of our academic program include…

Leaving to Learn: The simple idea that “real world learning” is best accomplished in the real world!!! Cascade students engage in career-connected learning and mentoring that allows students to regularly learn from industry professionals, both during school and beyond the school building/day.

Cascade Core Program: Project-based, interdisciplinary learning designed to develop students’ academic growth and build skills in problem solving, communication, collaboration, and learning how to learn.

Portfolio and Exhibition: Cascade students demonstrate mastery of academic competencies and show evidence of their learning through portfolio-based exhibitions to an authentic audience of their families, peers, and community.

Individual Pathway & Learning Plans: Individual Learning Plans are built on a vision for life after high school and identifying personal and academic goals toward that vision, so that every student gets the support they need to experience success.

Advisory: The center of the student experience at Cascade, focused on empowering students and building community through student leadership, restorative practices and social-emotional and non-cognitive competencies.

A week in the life of a student at Cascade Public Schools:

sample weekly schedule