At Cascade, we are reimagining what free, high quality, public education can look like when built on a foundation of deeper learning, strong mentorship, and individualized pathways. With a culture of high expectations and high support, a rigorous focus on preparation for college and career, and a diverse and inclusive community, we will grow to serve 416 students, grades 9-12. We are deeply committed to fulfilling our mission to prepare students for success in college and career.

Rooted in our core values of achievement, community, and empowerment, we are small by design, where every student is known and mentored. Our school is intentionally heterogeneous and reflects the diversity of the communities in which we operate.

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The Cascade Model

An interdisciplinary, college preparatory approach to the academic core wherein students learn through projects to apply knowledge/skills to relevant issues and topics and demonstrate mastery of 21st century Deeper Learning competencies.

preparation for college and career

Individualized pathways with high expectations and high support, including individual learning plans, data-driven goal setting, embedded tutoring, and literacy and numeracy blocks.

mentorship circle of support

“Leaving to Learn” through 1:1 college and career mentorship and interest-based, career exploring internships. Strategic partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound and Big Picture Learning supports students in developing 21st century competencies and social/professional networks that will pay dividends in college, career, and beyond.

leaving to learn

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